Terms and Conditions


1.1.Please read all items before accepting these terms of use. By accepting these terms, these terms will be binding on the affiliate or organization.

2.Definition and interpretation

"This Website" means Konibet.com.

"Konibet" means Konibet.com.

'"Company" means DASH N.V.

"Affiliate Plan" means a cooperation agreement between a website and a affiliate. Affiliates should promote this website and constantly create new players on this website.

"Affiliate" means the person participating in the affiliate program of this website.

"Affiliate personal website" means a platform (website / application / widget, etc.) maintained and operated by a affiliate for the purpose of promoting this website.

"Affiliate link" is an exclusive Internet link for affiliates, which is for affiliates to use for promotion. Players can complete registration through this link to become a member of the affiliate.

"Recommendation code" is the exclusive promotion code of the affiliate, which is for the affiliate to promote. Players enter this code when registering on this website to become a member of the affiliate.

"Player" means the person who created a game account on this website.

"Player account" means an account created by a player when he signs up on this website.

"Affiliate account" means the account issued by a affiliate when registering as an affiliate of this website.

"Player under affiliate" means a player who has completed registration on this website through a affiliate's link or recommendation code.

"Valid under affiliate" means a player who has deposited and bet.

"Commission" refers to the remuneration given to the affiliate by this website when the affiliate meets the cooperation conditions specified in the affiliate plan.

3.Affiliate qualification 

3.1.Affiliate declares and warrants:

3.1.1.During the "Affiliate Period", you are obliged to sign the Affiliate Plan and fulfill all obligations.

3.1.2.You must obtain and maintain a valid registration, obtain all consents and permissions, and fulfill your obligations under the affiliate plan agreement.

3.1.3.Fully understand and agree to the terms of the affiliate plan.

3.2.We will verify the affiliate application and we will review the eligibility of the affiliate plan and notify you by email. We reserve the right of final interpretation and the right to refuse the review.

4.Our rights and obligations

4.1.We record total commissions, and provide total affiliate commissions and statistics in your affiliate account.

4.2.We will pay commissions to affiliates based on these data records.

4.3.We reserve the right to terminate, modify or close the affiliate program and change the provisions of these terms. Affiliates will be notified via email about changes to the terms.

4.4.We reserve the right of final interpretation and the right to decide whether to accept new affiliates.

4.5.In the following scenarios, we reserve the final rights and can close the affiliate account.

4.5.1.We comply with national and international regulations.

4.5.2.Follow our policies.

4.5.3.To protect the interests of our company, players, affiliates or other third parties.

4.6.For high-level security, compliance with anti-money laundering legal conditions, management of business relationships, and compliance with privacy policies, we will use and manage the following affiliate personal information.

4.6.1.affiliate account


4.6.3.date of birth

4.6.4.nationality and address

4.6.5.mailbox and phone number

4.6.6.payment information

5.Affiliates' rights and obligations

5.1.Affiliate guarantee and promise: 

5.1.1.Marketing and promoting this website at your own expense to maximize the benefits of the website and its affiliates。

5.1.2.Use affiliate links, recommendation codes, promotions and marketing tools provided by the affiliate plan.

5.1.3.Under these terms, affiliate marketing activities must be appropriate and professional

5.1.4.Always comply with laws, regarding data protection and privacy.

5.1.5.Responsible for the maintenance and development of personal websites. If the information on this website has changed, please update the affiliate's personal website at any time.

5.1.6.If there is a player or affiliate who distributes/describes misunderstood content on the affiliate website which causes any disadvantage to our website, affiliate should take full responsibility of it.

5.1.7.Doing business in a website-friendly way

5.1.8.Do not engage in marketing activities (including affiliate websites) that contain discriminatory, obscene, illegal, sexual, pornographic or violent content.

5.1.9.Do not engage in gambling and promotion related activities to people under the legal gambling age.

5.1.10.Except for the marketing tools listed on this website, please do not use other expressions, trademarks or intellectual property rights of us or Konibet holders / operators, etc., unless you have our consent.

5.2.Affiliates should keep the login information we provide confidential and always secure. In addition, if the login information is not properly protected due to the failure of the affiliate's side, the affiliate is responsible for using unauthorized login information.

5.3.The affiliate is responsible for all activities and act with a affiliate account ID and password. If you suspect any affiliate who use their authentication account illegally or unauthorizedly, you should contact us immediately.

5.4.We reserve the right to freeze affiliate account and deduct funds from affiliate account commissions if any fraudulent registrations, introductions, and betting activities are made.


6.1.We will pay commissions to our affiliate in accordance with these terms.

6.2. The commission calculation is as follows:

(Game Win/Loss (Bet-Payout)-Promotion Fee-Platform Fee-Prize Pool Fee-Service Fee) × Commission%

*Payout: winning amount by players

6.3.We confirm that the commission to the affiliate is calculated weekly, and the payment will be at 18:00 every Wednesday to affiliate account. Commission adjustments may be delayed if temporary system adjustments are made. Commissions are paid in US dollars.

6.4.We use a negative accumulation system. The commission will only be generated when the amount in the affiliate account is positive. When the commission for the week is negative, the negative amount will continue to the next week. The commission will be paid only if the income of the next week is positive.

6.5.You can apply for withdrawal when your commission reaches more than $ 100. After you apply, it will be reviewed by the system and withdrawal will be transfered to your player account after passing the review. The review takes some time.

6.6.If you do not have any active player for three consecutive months, all commissions will be reset to zero.

6.7.If you do not recruit a player for six consecutive months, your account will be frozen and all commissions will be reset to zero.

6.8. The following will be deducted from your commission: Based on the mutual benefit, if there are obvious violations, Konibet reserves the right of final interpretation.

6.8.1. Rebate from experience bonus

6.8.2. Promotion fees

6.8.3. Game platform fees

6.8.4. Pool fees

6.8.5. Service fee

6.9.Affiliates must refund all commissions received based on fraudulent or incorrect transactions.

6.10.The commission are based on the official information on the "Affiliate" page of this website, and we reserve the right of final interpretation.


7.1. If we found any of the following behaviors, we will cancel all commissions for that week and freeze your account.

7.1.1.The affiliate has the same IP and name as the player.

7.1.2.Affiliates register their player account in their affiliates account (self-affiliate).

7.1.3.Affiliate assist existing players to re-register player accounts through their affiliate link and recommendation code.

7.1.4.Affiliates become player under affiliate of other affiliates.

7.1.5.To earn commissions with other affiliates together.

7.1.6.Affiliates, player under affiliate or players together earn commissions.

7.2. Your friend, employee other third party or you using your affiliates account which can register as a player and deposit funds directly or indirectly into your player account for personal use. Conducting fraud, increasing commissions or deceiving us are considered fraudulent.

7.3.After logging in affiliates account, it is prohibited to leak information that may be viewed in the background to friends, players, employees or third parties, intentionally or unintentionally. Affiliate should take responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused by the leak of information.

8.Liability and Limitation of Liability

8.1.We are not responsible for the following:

8.1.1.Economic losses. Including but not limited to profit, revenue, business and contracts

8.1.2.Loss of reputation of affiliates or affiliates personal website.

8.1.3.Intentional, accidental, indirect and unavoidable losses.

8.2.If the affiliate and associated companies, websites, partners, players and player under affiliates directly or indirectly cause all losses, claims, damages, costs (indirect losses, loss of profits, reasonable legal costs, all damages), the affiliate should take responsible for it.

8.3.We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by our affiliates, even if such loss or damage is caused by our inability to implement the affiliate plan.

9.Confidential information

9.1.Without our consent, all information is confidential and must not be used, directly or indirectly, for personal or commercial purposes or any other purpose.

9.2.Affiliates must not use confidential information for any purpose other than fulfilling their obligations under this clause.

9.3.Article 9 shall survive the termination of the affiliate plan.

10.Cancellation or termination of contract

10.1.We or our affiliates may terminate this cooperation by sending an email notification.This website provides players with casino gaming services. If our gaming service interfere with player’s right, the contract will automatically terminate.

10.2.If either party finds a serious violation of this term, the other party has the right to terminate the affiliate cooperation immediately.

10.3.If the affiliates is not actively promoting, we reserve the right to terminate these terms of use and to freeze affiliates account via email notification and we will confiscated your commission.

10.3.1.Failure to introduce a reasonable number of players on the site for a period of time.

10.3.2.No valid player under affiliate have been recruited for six consecutive months.

10.3.3.You have reasonable reasons to believe that you have not actively promoted this website.

10.4.At the end of this agreement, affiliate are obliged to return all confidential information and advertising tools to us. After the contract is terminated, if it is found that the above-mentioned information has been used or not returned, affiliate should payback all the commissions to us and responsible for all damages and losses.

10.5.After the termination of this contract, the affiliates will not be exempted from liability for any violation of these terms that occurred before termination.

11.Amendments to terms and agreements

11.1.We reserve the right to modify, change, delete or add any of these terms at any time without notice to our affiliate. Affiliates will be notified via email address after the change.Your will continued to participate in the affiliate plan after we announced a new amendment.