1. I want to register as an agent of Konibet.

Thank you! Please register by "Registration" on the official website.

Please confirm the "Terms and Conditions" in detail before you submit registration.

After submitting the registration, you will be directly regarded as agreeing with all the contents of the "Terms and Conditions".

2. When registering, it must enter the "URL of the website". Can't I register if I don't have a website?

Yes, you can still register. If you do not have your own website, please enter the URL of the promotional method (Twitter URL, etc.), or enter the Konibet official website URL: https://konibet.com/, and we will email you for confirming your promotional method.

3. Can I create accounts repeatedly?

No, one person can only have one account.

No matter what, each player, each family, each account, each shared computer, and each common IP can only use one account.

If a "duplicate account" is found, the account will be closed without warning.


1. If I can't find link and banner options from marketing tools even I do the same with the system manual.

When Konibet Affiliate system be used by a smartphone, it will automatically add "m-" into the URL and link to https://m-affiliate.konibet.com/. This is a mobile version set to allow our affiliate to confirm data at any time, so not all functions can be used.

To obtain marketing tools, please link to the URL: https://affiliate.konibet.com/

Let's guide you how to use it without "m-". Please follow the way down below.

① When using iPhone, please switch Safari into the computer version website from the AA button on the left of the URL.

②When using Chrome, please switch into the computer version website from the settings in the lower right corner to use https://affiliate.konibet.com/.

③Or please search Konibet Affiliate from Google.


1. When will the commission be paid?

The commission will be paid before 18:00 every Wednesday. Please understand sometimes payment will delay because of the system adjustment. We will issue a notice of deferred payment.

In case you did not receive the notice, and the commission isn't be paid in Thursday morning, please contact us

2. The commission actually be paid is different from the commission shown on Dashboard.

The commission shown on Dashboard is the current month's data, but the Konibet affiliate commission is calculated weekly.

Please enter the period from Monday to Sunday to search for the correct commission in the sales report.

Also, we use a negative accumulation system. The negative amount will continue to the next week, and the commission will only be paid when the positive commission is higher than the previously accumulated negative commission.

3. How are commissions generated? What is REVENUE SHARE?

The commission calculation is as follows:

(Game Win/Loss (Bet-Payout)-Promotion Fee-Platform Fee-Prize Pool Fee-Service Fee) × Commission%

The REVENUE SHARE is a revenue-sharing system that shares the company's profits with our affiliate.


1. Do I need a player account for applying for withdrawal?

Yes, the commission will be paid to the player account.

After registering, please inform the affiliate team immediately.

【Commission Withdraw Process】

Withdrawal application→Review→

Player account didn't be registered / Application for withdrawal including the numbers after decimal point → Application be cancelled and notificated

Review completed → Commission be paid to the player account

2. Does the player account for withdrawal need to be reviewed?

Yes, in order to confirm your identity when you first withdraw, you will need to send an identification document (KYC).

For details, please check "Do I need to provide personal information when applying withdraw?".